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Nervously dipping toes in porny waters... [01 Nov 2002|02:33am]

Title: The Shining
Author: slodwick
Pairing: Clark/Lex
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: None.
Summary: Lex wants Clark to know.

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arty stuff [31 Oct 2002|01:05am]

Just got all weird today with Adobe.

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why co-writing is the new crack [28 Oct 2002|08:19am]

[ mood | why am I awake? ]

Jack: and the co-writing helps massively with not getting stuck on 'god, what am i DOING??' and hyperventilating over how perverse i am

Pearl-o: *snicker*

Pearl-o: The cowriting helps with the not getting stuck on a single sentence and staring at it for eight hours thing for me.

Jack: yeah, that's the other nice thing... when the next sentence/image doesn't come, you just yell tag

Pearl-o: exactly.

Pearl-o: very convenient.

You will join us. You will find a willing partner and together mate... er, make sweet smut all through the night. You know you want to.

Co-writing: Step 4 in the PSG program.
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